A Hungarian porn star

Magic Eros

Original title: Magic Eros
AKA: Cyber-sexe et perversions (Colmax?)
Year: 1998

JULIE (Erika Bella) a beautiful, sexy girl from the praries, fresh out of college with a degree in modern languages, is hired by an important holding company as assistance to a seductive lady manager (Anita Blond) in the take over of a computer company that is on the verge of bankruptcy that has, however, a very sophisticated program of… virtual sex, MAGIC EROS! Michael, a fascinating, athletic young businessmann comes between the two women upsetting all their plans. The climax is romantic, sexy and, above all… MAGIC!

Director: Francis Carrello
Cast: Zensa Raggi (as Karim), Anita Blond (as Anita Blonde), Erika Bella, Franco Roccaforte, Ursula Moore, Andrew Youngman (as Andras), Judith Vegh (as Vegh Judith), Lea Martini, Philippe Dean (as Philippe Deam), Frank Gun (as Frank Mallone), Gabriella Vincze (as Gabriella Bucci), Reinhard, Mike Foster
Keywords: Anal,

DVD: AdultDVDEmpire [Tip Top], XonAir [Tip Top], Orgazmik [Tip Top] (OOP), Orgazmik [Tabu Love]
VOD: Gamelink
Scene breakdown:

1. Ursula Moore and Franco Roccaforte
2. Erika Bella, Judith Veigh and Andrew Youngman (kissing, bj by the girls, both girls get screwed in various positions, open mouth facial for Judith).
3. Gabriella Vincze, Frank Gun, Reinhard and Zenza Raggi
4. Anita Blond and Mike Foster
5. Erika Bella and Zenza Raggi (titty sucking, licks her, bj, screwing in various positions, open mouth facial).
6. Erika Bella and Reinhard (titty sucking, titty fucking, bj, screwing and anal in various positions, open mouth facial).
7. Anita Blond and Erika Bella (titty sucking, licking).
8. Lea Martini and Zenza Raggi
9. Anita Blond and Philippe Dea
10. Erika Bella and Zenza Raggi (kissing, titty sucking, screwing in various positions, comes on her pussy and thigh).

Here are screenshots from Erika Bella’s sex scenes:

Scene 2

Erika Bella blowjob undressing Erika Bella fucked on sofa fucking
sucking cock reverse cowgirl fucked from behind cum on her face

Scene 5

Erika Bella anal

Scene 6

Erika Bella anal

Scene 7

Erika Bella anal

Scene 10

Erika Bella anal

The movie seems to be available on at least two, maybe three, different DVDs, details below.

DVD title: Magic Eros
Studio: Adult Tip Tip
Region: 0
EAN: 099168899083
Runtime: 1:46:14
Audio: ?
Subtitles: ?
Extras: ? Chapters
Disc info: Release date 1999
Single-sided, single-layered.
Case type Keep case